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Full Version: Dobson to wire
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Newest rumour doing the rounds at work is that Michael Dobson is coming to wire for a short term deal. I'm told this is all over Facebook but I haven't seen it as I'm not on that shite.

u could do a lot worse.
I'm told this doesn't affect myler's place in the club.
so, myler and dobson??

that could work
Both scrum halves though.
i dont think thats relevant in the modern game.
Ratchford and Dobson would be better wouldn't it?

Where's Dobson at at the moment?
maybe im just not traditional enough..
When I woke up yesterday to be greeted with the news Take that and their manager were being looked in to by the HMRC. It put me a in a gleeful mood thinking Wire would have to go cap in hand - but alas it was the wrong bloke and now the bastards are going to try to draft in a player from their better perfoming neighbours. dirty wire. dirty dirty wire.
Not sure where that would leave ratchford then..? Possible 17 fitness pending...

1. Russell
2. Monaghan
3. Ratchford
4. Bridge
5. Atkins
6. Dobson
7. Myler
8. Hill
9. Monaghan
10. Asotasi
11. Waterhouse
12. Westwood
13. Grix

14. Higham
15. Harrison
16. Wood
17. B Evans / England
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