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Full Version: Tigers vs Robins
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Big game coming up this Sunday for both teams, with both sides going well at the moment and having won their last 2 games. Both sides will be looking for the win but for different reasons. Cas will be looking to almost secure playoff football by the of the weekend and the Robins will be looking to hang on to 8th as they fight to stay alive in the play off chase.

If Cas win we are definitely looking at a top 6 finish I believe this year minimum and also being a team that no-one will want to face in the playoffs. If the Robins win I believe that it's impossible for Salford and Wakefield to catch them for the playoffs and it's only HFC who could catch them if they can turn their fortunes around.

I predict a tight game with Cas (hopefully) running out victors by 2 points - we will be hampered by the loss of Carney but Clare is a great replacement to bring in.
I think it'll be a game of 2 halves.
Should be better than this Australian affair. Can't even remember what they're called; one team's in a fruity shade of blue, and the other an off-the-rack purple number.
ahhh, proper rugby, cant beat it.

cas to romp it
You ever been to Cas?

Or seen a Robin?
there was a guy i worked with at gatwick,,, his name was robin, so yeah, i have seen one.

never been to cas. saw it on tv...that count??
You can only comment on the Robins half of the game

Are you taking the piss saying that you can judge something having seen it on tv? Next you'll be saying you've read up on something
i have to admit the guy robin, he was a southerner, not sure he had even heard of rugby league. does that still count??

im gutted about cas.
Probably best to only discuss the Robins when they're down South, that's half a game a season
Can't believe we're actually all talking sensible for once!
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