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Full Version: 2014 awards
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Joe Wardle was rewarded for a brilliant season by taking the three main awards. Supporters player, coaches player and players player of the year.
He also achieved the supporters giants on tour award (voted for each week by those on the official coaches) and may yet win top try scorer currently being three behind mcgilvray.
He came second in try of the year behind Mcgilvary, who also won the "gold" award for best Back and community player of the year.
Goes under the radar with the opposition does Joe, and still to learn.
I think he'd be on the England plane if he wasn't so Scottish.
hey back off, jock macgilvary is a jockinator, until we decide we dont need him.
I'm talkin' 'bout Wardle...
hes Scottish - all the best England players are.

we nearly won the world cup, u know
Big prob is that so many didn't want to be assed getting anywhere near this award. Wardle makes bad defensive reads,but is still rated our best,which says much in the greater scheme.
Too early....
McGillvary deserved it - he's just mister consistent - but I know just as soon as his form drops off the know alls on here will be the first to criticise him.
Silly know-alls.
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