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Full Version: Michael Monaghan
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Monas is off to a rival club as a coach. Anyone know where as I had heard he was off to Wales and the Crusaders at one point.
Salford. Nailed to the on.
Friend said Catalan before
Job Vacancy at Saints
Saints , as assistant to Gentle.

You heard it here first.

No warram zayin
Would have thought salford but i dont think they can be classed as wires rival?

Leeds need an assistant but doubt we would have him.
"Super League rival" probably means "another team in Super League".
im hearing its widnes.

""“It’s not been announced yet, but in the coming days I’ll probably let everyone know what’s going on.""

probably?? lol.
@DragonsOfficiel: Michael Monaghan appointed Catalans Dragons assistant coach
Good set up that. Catamarangs dingle dragons might be a force to be reckoned with next year
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