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Full Version: Announcement about an announcement
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so rather than it being big Eorls contract extension that is going to be announced- the usually negative giants fans have already got half the squad leaving..... because the club would really pre-announce bad news....... Just before our usually biggest crowd of the year. I know the giants are crap at this sort of thing - but that would be marketing suicide.
Giants fans really piss me off at times!!!!
its human nature.
Big Mcgilv is off. Probably sick of playing to Jools and her dog...
Yeah- nightmare playing for your hometown club- that's why it doesn't happen at KR.
Wow, didn't even expect a bite there!
I'm bored- everyone's gone to bed!!!
When were they thinking of announcing this announcement on an announcement? Selfish bastards.
Oh quelle surprise - Eorl has signed another 2 year deal.
how old is he now?
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