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Full Version: Saints vs Widnes - Challenge Cup quarter-final
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Would rebounding from a one-point, last-kick loss constitute a 'response'?

Saints should win here, but I can't see it being too comfortable. Widnes haven't been this close since people saw in black and white, so should go balls-to-the-wall and score some points. I don't think it'll be an absolute pointsfest clusterfuck, but I can certainly see a 40-22 ball game.
Saints going to stomp a mud hole into Widnes.

End up with approx 5 injuries.

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5?! Saints are on that Boracca (sp?) stuff then? Them, but on a really good day.
It won't be easy by any means but we should win the game by 16 I reckon.
16 points qualifies for easy dunnit? I'm looking forward to this. All the games apart from ours have been great to watch.
Turner, Percy or Swifty at fullback?
Well that was completely against the run of play
Saints look like they haven't got out of bed defensively.

Saints look as flat as a women's tennis player's tit.
How was that flop by Percival any different?
Widnes should be at least three scores up. Saints are playing shit.
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