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Full Version: Wire v Wigan- the big pie smash?
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(08-22-2015 11:44 AM)chesterhino Wrote: [ -> ]@johnnyddavidson: A week or 2 for that #SLWarWig

Sims the cheap shot bastard

Why do it, cheap shots fuck me off
I don't think they do it to fuck you off, I remember Sean long saying he'd twist in a tackle to make it look worse and to get a penalty. Okay it's not stamping on a hand bit it's still unfortunate
No, it's worse than doing it to fuck me off, sims did it to injure another player deliberately

So it's the Wigan player's fault for putting their hand on the way.
I am not sure how you jumped to that conclusion.
Perhaps it had something to do with your unconnected Sean long story.
You provided an example of the other player attempting to name the situation look worse.

I'm struggling to see how a player trying to play the ball gas any impact on sims lifting his leg to stamp on said players hand.

Feel free to clarify
still a pretty big conclusion to jump to
Like assuming I think all rugby league players make cheap shots just to fuck me off?
your words Smile

Now we've established black is black and white is white..

Wire season over, do they seat planning for next year now?
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