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Full Version: Wire v Wigan- the big pie smash?
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some people just like watching game of rugby league, so yes wigan fans and warrington would get excited about a game like this, as would some neutral rL fans. teh fact that they have done advert for the game, is to advertise the game, the point is they have a shit job of it, that is the point, whcih i am not missing. you are as you think spending time effort and money on a promo video is just for the mad crack and not to advertise the game.
Such a "big game" doesn't need advertising and yes it's a shit job and if people are talking about the video and not the game, they will know that the wire play the pies, not hard to grasp is it?
I'm looking forward to it, wire v Wigan games are always good. Hopefully some biff!
Why they didnt jist show some big hits and great finishes baffles me

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What did wigans video show?
Why would Wigan do a video for an away game?

It's on the wire website? So assuming it was meant for wire fans in the main, which I would imagine most, if not all, know who are next game is up against. If you can't get excited for this game, no promotional video is going to change that. At this point in the season, which is effectively over for us, it would need to have been of Spielberg proportions to get a rise out of anybody already knocking this season on the head. I like wigan games but I cannot get excited over this
Again what have Wigan to gain by advertising an away game?
I take it your not in advertising.
But what about all the new/floater fans out there? Goes for both sides, apparently they are more important than current fans

(08-20-2015 09:24 AM)jools Wrote: [ -> ]I take it your not in advertising.

You're and you a teacher
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