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Full Version: Wire v Wigan- the big pie smash?
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There seems to be a Benny Westwood theme here, not entirely a team of cowardly players as one suggested
(08-21-2015 10:38 AM)theonepointer Wrote: [ -> ]I was replying to westy, as far as I am aware gale isn't a small player for wigan

No you weren't, you quoted me!!! Ffs lol

(08-21-2015 10:30 AM)theonepointer Wrote: [ -> ]And how many times has that happened westy? I have never seen any player repeatedly punching another whilst in a tackle and not a bit of handbags after.

(08-21-2015 10:29 AM)chesterhino Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-21-2015 10:24 AM)theonepointer Wrote: [ -> ]It was more of a general question, helps clear things up. If you have small players and someone is going for the shoulder area, it's an unfortunate occurrence, perhaps they could invest in stilts or block heels

Luke gale is 5 ft 11.

That isn't small.

Rob burrow is small
Then obviously it wasn't a reference to Gale

See, replying to me......
It was in the same post, however I was replying to westys initial comment about small players not being able to protect themselves. High shots go in all the time by various teams on players of all shapes and sizes. Maybe we have built up a reputation, I'll have to take west's word on that but to tag all the team with cowardly is out of order
Yeah Westy yor out of order, apologise immediately before another hissy fit
Warrington head coach Tony Smith told BBC Radio Merseyside:

"We've got an outside chance of the top four, but while there is life there's hope.

"Regardless of that, it is a game versus Wigan and there is that rivalry and competitiveness you want to have.

"This game usually brings out the best rugby league of the season so hopefully that will be the case this week."

Wigan head coach Shaun Wane told BBC Radio Manchester:

"On their given day they can turn up, we found that out a few weeks ago when we went to Warrington when they absolutely butchered us.

"That's still sore for me, the way we performed.

"We've hit some decent form lately and the effort and enthusiasm we showed against Leeds was great."
Hang on. I thought copying and pasting wasn't allowed?
What's that got to do with the game?
2 players being cowardly thugs is 2 too many, to defend it is even worse.
Get over yourself, I haven't defended jack shit, I didn't see it so not going to comment.
(08-21-2015 10:17 AM)theonepointer Wrote: [ -> ]You have players who can't protect themselves? Perhaps they should take up knitting

er this is you defending it!!!!

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