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Full Version: Wire v Wigan- the big pie smash?
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Sandow won't be smashing any pies, he will be eating them, fat cunt
hahah thats fucking awful haha
..... This explains exactly why the sport is where it is.
the absolute worst of this is that someone actually got paid for coming up with the idea and then someone got paid even more for saying yeah, that sounds a great plan.

there are times when I think I might be in the wrong job.
Oh dear how embarrassing
At the end of the season when Wire fail to make the top 4, and all the Wire players go away for the offseason. Sandow will look back at this video, and wonder how he got here and where it all went wrong
It's not great is it ... tbf he's probably more focused on longer term than here and now, can't really expect miracles so late on in a season
That has to be one of the worst promotional videos yet
do i even want to watch it.
If is funny. Not quite the effect they were aiming for though I wouldn't have thought!
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