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Full Version: Wire v Rovers
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Thoughts - we will have to do better than last week, albeit a win, we will have to play better.

Opinions - we will play better

Quietly confident that we will have a better season than last year, we don't want to be playing catch up as the season progresses.
Wire win
Wire , kr have got too many missing to win this one
They're one of the clubs that can't cope with injuries and suspensions
wire at a canter and wire played well last week. KR wont resist like leeds did.
Wire defended well against us, can't see that deteriorating too much and I'd expect their attack to be more threatening.

Wire walkover
Easy wire win for me
Wire win
Wire at a canter,there defence was very impressive last week to snatch the win at shedingley and I just cannot see past them this week.
Anyone seen that Lineham try? Haha.
yeah ha! absolute joke of a decision, the liner was looking right at it!!
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