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Full Version: Daryl Clark is missing
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Is he injured?

No mention during recent Catalan's game or on Wolves website!
yeah tony smith said he was injured. due back this week or next
Is he happy there ? Doesn't seem to be as effective as coming off the bench at cas.
Clarke has been missing since he left Cas
(03-16-2016 06:08 PM)MOT Wrote: [ -> ]Clarke has been missing since he left Cas

We'd take him back tomoz. He shows glimpses now & then but I don't think he gets the free reign that dp afforded him.
Castleford's turn to bat next?

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He was spotted at the fev lions game.
I heard he likes his drink and this is the issue
He misses cas for some reason. Some people are just homing pigeons & he's always back whenever he gets a spare minute. Not everyone is suited to the travel lark even if it's just an hr darn t corridor.
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