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Full Version: Cas v Whinos
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if leeds play like they did for the first ten minutes against saints, we should easily be looking at a 80-0 scoreline. easy peasy.

as for the line up, mcguire and briscoe should return. hall rumored to be out for 6 weeks. id go with....

Hardaker. Briscoe Watkins Moon Handley. Sutcliffe McGuire, Galloway Falloon Cuthbertson, Ablett, Ferres, JJB

Burrow Mullally Singleton Garbutt
Leeds will piss this game easily.
We are looking short due to injuries, although hopefully we an put in a good performance and keep the scoreline respectable. Leeds to win unfortunately
Not sure who we have for this. If Roberts & oli Holmes are back we've a shout, if we've the same bodies out that we had at wire then I fear the worst.
Is their tickets for the Leeds end left.?
Yeah tripps, my old man got me and him one this aft
Expect a cracking atmosphere, just hope it stays close til near end. We was finished after 20 mins last week.
(03-21-2016 07:01 PM)chesterhino Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah tripps, my old man got me and him one this aft

I have day off tomorrow so if my mate fancies going I will pop by heafongly and pick a couple of tickets up.
Don't think it matters who should be close. Was a swamping last year, then they whipped us at HQ.
Fancy Leeds for this Cas are struggling a bit and Leeds will have their heads up after their win against Saints looking forward to it though always belting games these.
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