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Full Version: Wire vs Sintellins
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Two shoulder charges from Atkins
would be a bit worried as a saints fan that they havent scored more in second half... wire are a different team this half but sts havent killed it off

no idea what happened to wire at HT, genuinely thought they would come out in 2nd half and run over saints, who really seemed to be winging it.. fair play to saints though. looks like they just won it.

mad finish
(04-08-2016 08:37 PM)MOT Wrote: [ -> ]Two shoulder charges from Atkins

I'm all for the shoulder charge coming back....but if the rfl are going to continue with having it be illegal then he should have been either been sin binned for the first one or sent off for the second as it was right in the neck.

That game was played at about 10 million miles hour. My heart is pounding!

Interesting from smith

If gidley practices kicking, he doesnt play...playing with injury?
yeah, they said before...hamstring i think they said.
Saints took their foot off the gas after that drop goal.

Credit to wire though, they kept at it.
I expected us to get battered last night the way we have been playing so vey happy to get the two points. Did think wire were going to steal it at the last minute though.
haven't seen the game but it was only a matter of time beforwe wire started losing a few, cant keep on playing aswell as they have been.
A great game and we deserved that victory and Theo Fages take a bow son.
(04-09-2016 07:10 PM)billie joe Wrote: [ -> ]A great game and we deserved that victory and Theo Fages take a bow son.

Indeed, thought he played a blinder.
u would wonder why the salford club and fans didnt recognise he was a future star.
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