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Full Version: Wire vs Sintellins
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God knows Cheese this kid could go all the way.
He already looks your best halfback, not sure why he's only got a shot after injuries etc forced his inclusion
Cunningham's been forced to play him and now he dare not leave him out if he does and it all goes tits up again he will be out of a job.
Could turn out to be a very good signing for you, I'd have had him at Leeds
To replace McGuire Mot?
Apparently Leeds were in for him but hetherington didn't agree with McDermott.

I'm surprised he hasn't been given more game time.
What Hetherington didn't like him and as for play time Cunningham had no choice the fans where getting on his back and injuries also played there part.
(04-13-2016 07:24 PM)billie joe Wrote: [ -> ]To replace McGuire Mot?

Good, young players don't come around often. Fages, Lilley. Sutty and then an experienced halfback would have been ideal.

Lilley could play at 9 anyway
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