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Full Version: Wire vs Sintellins
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Fast start against wire from Saints but as ever this season, bit of pressure on our line and we let in an easy try
penny is hardly a big strong the fuck could u hold him back?/
Conditioners *sarcasm*
thats an impressive response.
Bit of flair, jiggery pokkery and we can score! Fuck structure!

Bit of structure, bit of pace and we can score! Fuck jiggery pokkery
need to cut out the penalties.
Need to score from this

Ok just see out this half infront

I'm gonna keep my mouth shut
thats actually pish... cant have 3 guys who fail to stop someone like that
Its been like that all season, cheese.

Our defense is what is letting us down. He should have been held up and , to put it nicely, smashed into the crowd on the side.
aye, wishy washy tacklin cost u 2 tries

well, saints deserve credit at least for just hustling wire right out of their game.
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