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Full Version: Cooper returns
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I don't think cooper has the same levels as the likes of Graham.

Consistently above average is his selling point
seems a bit soon to return. shame really.
Agree, I quite enjoyed watching him play/improve
thats the problem i he gets back to SL thats him levelling off and no more improvements.
Leveling off or a step backwards.

I thought/hoped he'd keep pushing to improve with a regular gig in the NRL
Would hardly call playing for a top superleague club a backward step, he's signed for wire not leeds.
its not the club. its the league and the standard thereof.
Ye I was being sarcastic Smile the franchise system ruined it for me. I know many won't agree but we haven't become a better game because of it, standards haven't improved.
I like the franchise system. Promotion relegation doesn't work, the gaps too big and lower clubs just sign has beens to keep them in the league? No relegation means they can invest in youth
I hated it, the concept, the reality and made up its back to promotion and relegation.
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