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Full Version: Cooper returns
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Quote:Warrington have re-signed England prop Mike Cooper from NRL side St George Illawarra Dragons on a three-year contract starting from next season.

Cooper left the club to join Dragons in 2013, with an agreement to rejoin the club when he returned from Australia.

The 27-year-old played all three matches in England's home series win against New Zealand last year.

"It's great news and a great signing for the club," Warrington head coach Tony Smith said.

"It's something that we hoped for a few years ago, that Mike would eventually return to our club, but it's probably a little sooner than we thought considering how well he's done."

Great signing for Wire. I'm surprised he didn't stay in the NRL longer
missed his mam?
Who's he replacing??
Great pack they've got lined up for next season.... And mostly english
Indeed they will.
They must be losing someone to cover his wages which are likely to be higher than when he left.
Bailey Big Grin
60-odd games in the NRL is some knock, and it's 60-odd more than I thought he'd play. Fair play to the guy.
yet they dont talk about him the way they did graham.
Probably because Graham's the best in the world, but I hear you. Great things were/are expected of Graham, and he delivered. Not so much with Cooper, but he still churned out a very consistent multi-year NRL career.
yeah, hes been good and now would be the time to lift it up a level and really make his mark.
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