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Full Version: Wire v Saints
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This should be a good game with Saints excellent win against the Goons recently and Wire's good performance against Wakey last week this could go either way.
I'll be toddling along to this one billie. Should be a cracker.
Can't make it myself though I will be watching on Sky was supposed to be going but other commitments mean I can't bugger.Sad
I'll hopefully park somewhere with WiFi and watch it. Think the winner of this game will be heading to GF.

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You reckon sinkers bit early to make that call yet I think.
Looking forward to this, now Saints seemed to have picked up, could go either way
I think wire will win quite comfortably.

Hope I'm wrong and saints tear them a new one
We will see mate in which Saints side turns up tonight.
Well listening to this on t'radio. Sounds reet gud.

LMS you beauty

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Cooooome on youuuuu saaaaints
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