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Full Version: Wire v Saints
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is it possible the opposition fans were on shift work and thought it was tomorrow?
Easily done
(08-07-2016 08:17 PM)chesterhino Wrote: [ -> ]There weren't any opposition fans involved in the latest trouble.


If u can read, I am pretty sure I did make that assumption earlier on the thread. I was replying to billie not the occurrence on Thursday night.
No problem with my reading or with my Brian.
no Brian damage here.

nor tomorrow
(08-07-2016 08:02 PM)kickingtee Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-07-2016 07:21 PM)billie joe Wrote: [ -> ]As long as I can remember since the 80's at the old wilderspool ground they have always caused trouble not saying they are all like that but they do have some who cause shit regular needs sorting in my opinion.

The clue is in the "80"s there Billie. We are 30 plus years on now.

I get what you are saying but it does happen quite often though you do seem to have an idiot minority jen.
sometimes the idiot minority IS Jen
Lol you two really don't like each other does this come from the old days on 606?
It comes from the fact he's a boring tosser who enjoys winding people up. The fact that I use to listen to his advice until I realised he says nothing original, doesn't bring anthing to the party and if he left right now, apart from chesters outpouring of grief, you wouldnt know he'd gone. Whereas when I leave and come back (often) cheese follows me around like a bad smell. I am his reason for logging on and he's my non entity Big Grin

And you fall for it every single time. Lol.
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