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Full Version: Saints v Leeds
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Well we are almost here and this game kicks off the new season fitting that it's the 2 most successful sides in SL history.
I have no idea who will win this mate,which saints and leeds will turn up ?
Tough to say in each case me thinks.
Looking forward to it, Leeds is the expected squad however Delaney and ferres are out for a month
We look strong in the forwards can you guys match up with us?
I suspect not billie but will see!
Hey we did shit last year so to improve the team we did...errrrrr..nothing.
How are your backs looking this season any better?
Who knows billie, burrow McGuire in the halves, moon/Watkins centre and hall/Briscoe wings

The biggest change is golding, make or break for him. I expect saints to pepper him with the high ball
Pretty strong that Chester I know Burrows and Maguire are getting on a bit but still bloody good players.
Burrow seems to be still ok fitness wise,i do doubt whether we will get a full or even half season out of maguire.
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