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Full Version: 2012 season tickets
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On sale now, price details on the website. Don't seem to bad at all, I like the idea of the family area with reserved seats the same price as the terracing - off to town later to find out about moving to one of those seats!
Young Adult- 16-21... do you have to be a student for that?
I doesnt sound like to me, seems like it's any under 21. I would say phone to check but they don't like answering the phone
Cheers. I'll drop them an email. Mike Appleton is usually quick to reply.
maybe can do what the leeds fans do and buy a child ticket even if ur an adult??

swipe cards not checked. u reckon they be checked at saints new ground??
Probably not! I have just renewed mine for £179 and got a free under 5's ticket which will probably only be used a handful of times but this way guarantees a seat!
I'm not Widnes' ground you have to hand the book into a steward and they swipe it for you. Wouldn't want to take the risk of being refused entry to be honest.
worth finding out the system though before parting with the hard-earned surely??
They never checked the name on the ST at widnes - i have used the wrong one accidentally before now and never been pulled up.
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