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Full Version: Saints v Wire semi final
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A Massive game with a lot at stake will be there of course on thursday night just hope we can beat the horrible inbreds.Smile
Good luck Billie - looking forward to meeting you in the final and righting the wrongs of last week Wink
Lol well went the game last week we played well first half the second half was a non event looked like both teams where waiting for the game to finish.
We picked up a couple of knocks in the first half so DP would've been managing that. Trueman is biggest worry at the moment.
Tense semi final rugby this. We’ve not had a game at this intensity this yr yet. Nowt between the sides, could come down to who can stay coolest, hope it’s not a mistake or ref call between them.

Wendyball halftime score
nice start to 2nd half.
Try is that. Game on!
what a response

saints stepped it up.
Wire chasing the game but have the players to pinch a score. Still there for the taking.
well worth the score..
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