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Full Version: Rhinos vs Tigers
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7:45pm Super League

Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers

LIVE TV: 7:00pm-10:00pm Sky Sports Arena

Can’t see beyond a big cas win tonight
fucken start games

14 mins in and Leeds are 4-0 up.

thought Leeds were looking decent but Watts found that a bit too easy.


looked like Leeds hit straight, that be no try these days

bit of jugglin..Leeds score but again.. no try??

no try it is.

excellent hands... Leeds in at the corner.



Cas a wee bit disappointing .... they missing anyone??

sneaked it>>??

no way thats clear.. cant see them giving it.

grrrr... buying penalties.


Half Time.

wee touch disappointed with Cas, they seem to have Let Leeds dictate and thats given Leeds all the confidence.

liking the idea of getting the lass in the studio.

2nd half.

damn fine try for Leeds, going the length..


Cas looking uninspired still.
Leeds in again,



Cas bring themselves back into it, albeit slightly uninspired.



suddenly Cas wake in again.. this could turn right round.


strong Leeds defence....

fuck sake... cas again??

Leeds cant seem to stop the momentum.


wtf was that PTB..?

thats fucken stupid.... cas kick it but give away a penalty.

missed drop by Cas..

Leeds havent been down Cas end for a while.

Leeds miss drop

fuck sake

20-20... Full Time... golden point extra time coming up.

less than a minute into GP and Dwyer kicks a very low drop goal to win it,..



cas be kicking themselves as they only played for about 12 minutes and likely coulda won if they had applied themselves longer.
We were dog shit for 50 mins last night and then turned it on and Leeds couldn't live with us. Then to blow a number of opportunities to win it was criminal
the win was there for the taking.
I still think the obstruction rules need looking at.
Way things are going if a dummy runner bumps into a defensive line player 50 yards away from the ball they will chalk the try off.
cant see why those dummy runners just dont pass on thru the line tho.. they are often going at an easy pace and look like they could easily avoid contact and drift past the defenders
(03-29-2019 09:41 AM)camdentiger Wrote: [ -> ]We were dog shit for 50 mins last night and then turned it on and Leeds couldn't live with us. Then to blow a number of opportunities to win it was criminal

glad that dirty cunt mcshane fucked up at the end and was on the losing side..should have been sent off after 12 mins for deliberately elbowing richie

as for being dog shit , you are only as good as the opposition lets you be
We were awful again last night, maybe just better than against sts. I know we’ve knocks, hb’s missing etc but I’d hoped we’d have the squad to do better. Worrying thing for us is we were terrible for an hour, worrying thing for Leeds is we nearly took the game in 20 mins playing.

It’s clear we need at least 2 outside backs as mini just can’t play centre & Clare has to be worst wing in sl. Try & go again against the bastards next week.
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