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Full Version: Saints v Wire
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Massive game coming up and one we need to win.

Wire have a decent record at our place just hope we can do the fuckers.
I think wire will win. My partner is a wire supporter who thinks we will win!
Biggest game of season so far. Can’t call it.
What concerns me is we are missing Fages who along with Roby has been our best players so far and Richardson proved on saturday he isn't up to the job hope he proves me wrong.
I think a lot will have been learnt from last weekends game though
Hope you are right gat Wire are looking the real deal this season.
its their year dontchaknow
They will be a serious threat this season though without a doubt it could be their year.
All about 80 mins in October I’m afraid. I imagine this will be the ot game if they don’t meet before.
Lineham shoulda walked for that.
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