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Full Version: Saints v Wigan
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Massive game always is the Goons have hit some form but we aren't playing too shabby either just want to beat the buggers.Smile
It is mate but not on TV first game between us that hasn't for 24 years.
Be a belter of a game. Pies seem to mean it last few weeks & sts obviously form side this season. Shame it’s not on the box.
True but you will see the highlights on superleague show on monday night just hope it's us winning.Smile
Wigan are getting stronger as the season goes on but i cant see past saints.
Whos on tv ?
Your team mate v Hull KR.
Will have to find a tv.
Im in Blackpool Fri to Monday on a freebi weekend.
Free bar all weekend Yaaaaaaaaaay !
Lol nice one I will be in Blackpool for Rebellion on aug 1st till aug 5th.
I spent a long week in Blackpool one day. Swerve it now.
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