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Full Version: Holbrook to leave
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Not sure camden yeah he has got good coaching skills no doubt but he has only been with us for a couple of months think we need a coach who can keep us at the level we are now not sure if he van do that yet.

Holbrook confirmed to be leaving at the end of the season.
Give him a chance, we did with Powell and his credentials weren't much better

I'd have him at Cas once Powell's contracts up
Powell had coached at a high level at Leeds so knew the ropes.
Marshall hasn’t learnt how to make the most of resources at his disposal yet- agree he needs a bit longer.
Yeah have to agree jools.
Holbrook must be getting a wedge cos the Titans are poor and the solution is far in the distance
Got to be mate they are piss poor.
Nathan Brown?
Lol no chance wouldn't have him back either okay we won a GF under him but we was awful to watch.
Kristian Woolf maybe... bit of talk thats its him.
He is the favourite mate with jason demitriou the 2nd choice is what I have heard.
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