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St Helens (from): Lomax, Makinson, Naiqama, Percival, Grace, Fages, Richardson, Walmsley, Roby, Thompson, Taia, Paulo, McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Knowles, Amor, Peyroux, Ashworth, Bentley, Coote.

Warrington Wolves (from): Ratchford, Lineham, Goodwin, Charnley, Hill, D Clark, Cooper, Currie, Hughes, Murdoch-Masila, J Clark, Patton, Philbin, King, Akauola, Livett, Mamo, Davis, Westwood.
Can’t see past sts going on form but a hot day at Wembley is a leveller. Austin out for wire but they still have strike power if they can turn it on.

Hope it’s an open, close, tough game & sts are well hung over for next week as we’ve not won at saints since 1887!
Well mate I will be there tomorrow looking forward to it but have to admit I am nervous as hell.Smile
Have a top weekend billie. Think it’s yours to lose.
saints can only lose it...
I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin ends up playing.

As much as on paper we should walk it I certainly don’t expect any sort of walkover. I think we should win but it will be close
For two supposedly big clubs the attendance is pathetic
See, it is Wires year.

great win for wire
comedy of errors from saints
good day for rugby
The only way that performance could have been funnier is if the P.A. system had played circus music every time saints had the ball
Sts having the hubcap blues. Wires tactics spot on, sts too many errors. Great game.
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