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Full Version: Trump 2020
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Getting the job done.

President till 2024
Thing is Cheeso we also have to take into account that yanks are stupid fat morons.
I worked with quite a few of them for 6 months and that is how i summed them up.
They are well capable of voting for Mr Trump again.
Stupid fat morons

Oh dear
the vast majority of folk on the planet are thick as shit... you dress it up any way u like.... but only the very very thickest cant see thru tangerine man.

dont forget , hes the guy who said aircraft played the major role in winning the war of independence,.
Doesn’t matter what he says, he’ll win the 2020 election at a cantor.

Let the butthurt commence
doesnt matter what he says...lolicious..

and u r telling us that generally folk arent thick as fucken
I didn’t say that, you did
President Trump has promised a "very big trade deal" with the UK, saying its departure from the EU will be like losing "an anchor round the ankle".
Mr Trump was speaking after a breakfast meeting with Mr Johnson at the G7 summit in Biarritz in France.
I wonder if this clown will stick to his word should there ever be a post brexit.
Cheaper drugs for the NHS, once it’s free from the shackles of the EUs procurement rules
lol... ye the drugs are right cheap in the usa....clearly clueless.
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