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Full Version: Trump 2020
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I didn’t say they were ‘right cheap’

I said they were cheaper

As per the terms of the massive trade deal we are about to agree

Didn’t take 30 years either

As an ‘expert’ claimed

Fuckin clueless
not cheaper at all

totally fucken clueless.

u are not about to agree any big trade deal....
Part of the trade deal, supply at a cheaper price.

Arguing with facts again
there is no trade deal.. ffs.

u think cos the tangerine man and the buffon say they want one thats it done??

The deals as good as done

Suck it up buttercup
is it fuck.
I really think you’re suffering from Trump/Brexit derangement syndrome
u r clueless.
There’s a simple cure.
Trump is a well known reneger. Can't be trusted one bit.
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