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Full Version: Trump 2020
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Lol , he will announce something one week and deny he ever said it the next.
Serial liar, but the good ole boys in the US of A luuuurve him and Chester W is right, he will piss it. Confused
cant see it tripps, they ones who were on the fence but went for him as a change now realise what a clueless lying arsehole he is..
How to stop a hurricane, could be fake news as he claims but he's stoopid enough.
He’s making America great again
Yup sure looks like it.
ye, if u call abject ridicule around the world being great.
Americans really don’t give a shit what the rest of the world thinks, and why should they
reckon the romans used to say that about the rest of the world too.

and the greeks

various chinese dynasties,

etc etc etc,.

i see a
Ancient history
lol... reckon thats what they said too...
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