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Full Version: Trump 2020
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I have to wonder if trump only got in cos the middle Americans were sick of the ultra liberals? In a time of the gender neutral, offended, snowflake a crackers, old fashioned crank who talks off the top of his head found a gap. I’m not sure he’ll get away with it next time.
Lol, you must have completely missed the 2016 election
(08-27-2019 04:10 PM)Chester Wednesday Wrote: [ -> ]Lol, you must have completely missed the 2016 election

No, but that’s blatantly how he swung it. Money & lack of oppo aside, you reckon he’s as strong now?
He’ll be re-elected on the economy alone
lol, ye right.
Americans vote with their wallets

They’ve never had it so good
oh lordy... lol. killing me
Who’ll beat him?

Will the democrats even contest the election?

Let’s be honest, whoever faces Trump will be finished politically
Trump shed light on fundamental judgments about his tenure that voters must make before the 2020 election.

His political future could rest on whether a sufficient number of Americans decide that the Trumpian tumult of his first term expresses their frustration with the Washington establishment and has delivered the wealth, peace and patriotic pride that he promised in the 2016 campaign.

One big risk is that a majority of voters may simply be exhausted by the cacophony of the Trump era that was on display at the weekend at the G7 summit in France and involves chaos, head-spinning policy reversals, lying as a matter of course, perpetual cultural warfare and widening national divides.
From CNN. Have financial differences been significant enough to put up with his shit for 4 more?

Fuck me

Not exactly impartial

Also gets more viewers in Britain than it gets in the states

Anything from the NYT?

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