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Full Version: Trump 2020
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Looking like the Donald will stroll to victory next year.

Will it be a Reagan/Mondale mega landslide or just the standard landslide like against killary?

Who will it be against ?

Will the losers cry like lefty babies for his entire second term ?

Will there be more assassination attempts ?

Will there be serious civil unrest again or will the left finally grow the fuck up ?

Can’t wait personally, fuckin good telly.
Ask the cunt what his favourite book is, then which is his favourite bit. The man is a complete twat.
Doesn’t say much for books when the most powerful man on the planet doesn’t need to read them
He (Trump) will probs walk it.
The Democrats are still in a mess & i dont think they have anyone credible to oppose him.
There’s always the commie, old Man sanders
more chance of me being elected president than trump getting in again.

ordinary folk now realise they elected a thick twat.

a genuine , bona fide thick twat.

the examples of his utter thickery are legion, picking one out seems churlish given there are so many to choose from.
The democrats haven’t got a candidate anywhere that can get near the Donald.

They truly are a one policy party

Also, ordinary folk think nothing of the sort.

His support with the working and lower middle classes is the highest of any President. Ever.

like he said yesterday.. his approval rating amongst republicans is 94%..... despite no republican knopwing of any such poll...

he is a lying arsehole.. nowt more nor less.
Rasmussen poll has him as the most popular president since Roosevelt

That won’t be credible, of course, because he isn’t a democrat
laffable.... hes the most ridiculed person on the planet...even by the yankees.
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