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Full Version: McManus way out of order
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Waaaayyyyy our of order on this one- and just laughable to be honest-
If this was a tweet just after the game in the heat of the moment that would be one thing- but to publish it several days later after the fact is a different issue.
There’s so much wrong with this rant I just don’t know where to start- but just what a nasty unpleasant man he is.

“Spat” no you dick head - it was a death threat!
Mcmanus is usually a level headed guy have to agree he is wrong on this we where poor in the final and that cost us the game in my opinion.
It’s one thing to question the competency of a referees decisions- but quite another to question the integrity of a match official and the opposition side.
He comes over as your typical white middle aged privileged rich man who believes he’s entitled to something.
Sorry but this has really made the club go down in my estimations.
Can't argue with you there jools and there are some saints fans who agree with him which I don't of course.
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