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Full Version: Looking like Agar to be named permanent head coach
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Well im not exactly weeing my self with excitement but he did turn us around so on balance i think he gets a shot at the job.

Announcement at 09-30 Monday.
Deserves a chance for me mate just think where you where at when he first came in.
Yeah, Quite a few Leeds fans moaning but as you say i think they have already forgotten how bad we were when he took over.
Exactly mate he has done a decent job so he deserves a chance in my eyes.
I think fans think a big name Aussie coach will only work but I think agar will turn it round again for Leeds. A few decent signings & they’ll bounce back.....unfortunately Smile
Agar has done well, Leeds won't win anything with him, but whilst they rebuild and solidify, he's the perfect choice. He has them playing ok and for each other
You Cas fans are more positive about him than Leeds fans , their comments are all doom and gloom.
Keeping Agar and Donaldson isn't the most exciting news.

Could be waiting a while for a miraculous bunch of wonderkids to come through all at the same time again.
No they're not. Maybe the departure of Ablett and JJB might give the club a reason to bring at least one more (and hopefully decent) signing.
Still need a halfback. A quality prop would be nice too. Pipe dreams.

At least we're getting shot of Ferres.
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