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Well here we go again the first 2 games should be belters both tough games but will go for the home teams to win.
Look forward to it. In a fair world sts take the tin but as we found out in 17 it’s about the ot game. No pressure on us or salford really. I would love us to get there again but I can only see sts v pies final.
Would love to see you guys beat Wire they could be there for the taking.
We’ve had a poor, stuttering yr, not sure how we’ve ended up in the 5. We might as well give it a good go whilst we’re here.

I think salford could be the surprise team.
wire were gash leading up to the CC final... cant put too much store in the current form.
Wire were pretty gash at Shedingly Friday, Cas could turn them over.
Hope so that means it will be at least 65 years till they win the league again.Smile
Enjoyed that game . Well done Cas.
Didn’t see that coming, especially with jsl, Massey & mcmeeken adding to non starters. Good tactics from dp tonight.

Pies v salford tomz, can’t call it.
Chuffed Cas won, grafted in defence.

Mistake playing Austin?
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