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Full Version: Could Fev do it .
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Fine display by the cappers tonight.
Its a big ask but if they beat Toronto next week would they forfull the criteria to get in superleague ?
its a big ask but same could be said for loondon last year....

what is the criteria u refer to?? is it about the ground??
Yeah i believe the ground may hold them back

Im pretty sure london had to build temporary seating etc....
I think Fev meet all the criteria
Bitter little club is fev, could hear them singing about cas & Leeds scum yesterday. That being said it’ll make for more interesting atmosphere than if the Canadians make it.
A game too far

Record score?
Would be a surprise if they beat Toronto saying that who would have thought London would have beat them last season.
It's been close in both games with Fev and Toronto both home and away so this should be a very close game - Fev are on a roll at the moment, if they can keep the momentum going you never know

I think Brian Mac's experience in winning finals will be the telling factor here
Nah- their schedule will crucify them, flying back from Toulouse and then a flight out Thursday with a 5 hour time difference. A step too far.
we will find out soon enough... game about to kick off.

ur sport alright on the stick tripps??

is there a salary cap in the championship??

quarter in and there is nothing between them, either on the scoreline or in performance.

Fev score !!!! cant say they dont deserve it... been keeping it tight at the back and moved forward when they could... nice touch,.

toronto hit back almost immediately..

6 a piece.

lolarama, the dozy twat missed the kick,..

fev 6-4 up.,
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