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Full Version: Worst kept secret finally out
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Lol think you will be getting Richardson mate.
(10-02-2019 06:13 PM)captain tripps Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-01-2019 07:13 PM)billie joe Wrote: [ -> ]If he does mate he will be a great signing for you what will happen to Myler now though.

Not sure, one of lads at work reckons Mylers moving on but its the first i have heard.

Rumours of him going to union weren't there? If so, we're potentially leaving ourselves exposed/Sutty will end up playing in the halves if we get an injury
I think Myler would be a good foil for Gale, as Gale is an organiser and Myler a runner. Good be a good partnership for Leeds - Gale is a massive risk though

Where does that leave McCelland then? Looks to be doing great at Fev
i was happier with us signing Dwyer than Myler. Myler goes missing, especially in big games/under pressure.

Lui and Gale could be pretty solid
Great bit of business that by Cas. Get a massive wedge of cash for a player who at 31 years of age has had just two good seasons his whole career, and has played just 10 games in the last two years due to injury. Laughing all the way to deposit the cash in the bank.
I think it is a gamble by Leeds.
Yeah, they've become a bunch of chancers in the boardroom.
No doubt it's a risk but if he can stay injury free it will be a good signing for Leeds in my opinion.
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