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Full Version: When does anyone reckkn RL will be back ?
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I'm going for beginning of May behind closed doors for a month then if cases have dropped right off start letting fans back in.
June I reckon. They’ll want to give it the three months & then see where we’re at. Not sure if cc will happen this year though.
Personally I think the whole season will be called off hope I am wrong though.
(03-27-2020 02:57 PM)billie joe Wrote: [ -> ]Personally I think the whole season will be called off hope I am wrong though.

Fucking ell Billie, Leeds were going to piss it this year !!! AngelAngelAngel
Lol maybe mate think you would have a good chance of winning it.
I’m thinking June.
Hope it’s not called off- we’ve booked a trip to Toronto NY Bermuda and Bahamas costing 2.5k each!
Yeah can understand your frustration Jools being honest though I will be surprised if it starts by june.
Our trip is August- just hoping they don’t switch the Toronto games!
The Government are now saying it could take up to 6 months or even longer for everything to get back to normal.Sad
Doh! I had already wrote off my trip to Spain in June, i reckon Mekkico in August is looking a bit dodgy now.
If the Airlines all start going tits up flying abroad may go back to the days when it was just for the Rich and Famous.
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