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Full Version: Happy anniversary
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31 years and still going strong

There was a band at that time called living in a box, quite fitting for the 96, who actually released a song called gatecrashing

Happy days

Big Grin
Piss poor attempt. Are you finding your level?
Just getting started, much like the duckenfields golden years.
Just an attention seeker wanting to upset people. Probably gives him a right stiffy.
I wonder if any of them evacuated
You are a right cunt chester I had a friend who was there wish you would say this shit to his face,prick.
Too soon?

looking forward to it starting.. is there a set time or what??

I haven't set foot on the drive yet.

Already triggered 2
Bit of a lazy, Luke warm starter.

Nowt on Luca or even the wolfstress. Lol.
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