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RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - whotobeA - 12-24-2016 11:29 PM

Time to move on from seg. Yr of the parcel!

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - chesterhino - 01-04-2017 08:42 PM

Happy New year from everyone at the Rhinos and thanks for your continued support as we all look forward to the year ahead.

2017 Prospects

I am really confident with our prospects to challenge for all three major titles. We have a very experienced squad of players who are desperate to be successful. Some of our players like Danny McGuire, Rob Burrow and Jamie Jones Buchanan who have achieved so much are inevitably nearing the end of their illustrious careers and, like Sinfield, Peacock and Leuluai before them, are determined to be remembered as winners. And this desire is infectious amongst all the other players and staff who are just as determined to make their own mark. Hooker, Matt Parcell is a key signing for us and we have an almost new player with Stevie Wards return to fitness. Both will feature in a full strength team to take on Jamie Peacock’s Hull KR in Ryan Halls testimonial game on Friday 20th January. Tickets for that game are available to buy online click here.

2017 Betfred Super League Predictions

It will be the most competitive and evenly fought to date. Every team will endure at least one difficult spell where victories will be hard to achieve and I won’t be surprised to see at least two of the leading contenders suffer a similar fate to what happened to us and Huddersfield last year!

£10,000 Cash Prize on Offer To Members

Yes, all our members are entitled to one entry to predict your 2017 Betfred Super League table at the end of Round 23 and the first entry received by us which proves to be correct will be presented with the cash prize at our first play-off game at Headingley Carnegie Stadium.

Closing date for entries is 30th January 2017 and these should be emailed along with your full name and customer number to An additional consolation prize of £1000 will be presented to the entry which matches my prediction (which will be lodged before January 30th with our local MP Greg Mulholland). Good Luck!

Rugby League Development in Leeds

For those who are interested in the development of the game at all levels in the city, please check out the wonderful work of the Leeds Rhinos Foundation on their website

Headingley Stadium Development Plans

You may be aware that our plan includes a new South Stand and a new Main Stand to overlook both the rugby and cricket grounds. The latter development is crucial to ensure International cricket continues at Headingley and at the same time provide rugby and cricket fans with the very best facilities and amenities. About half of the overall £38 million cost was due to come from the sale for housing of land owned by us but we haven’t met the original timescale for planning permission and so the application has been withdrawn for the land but the stadium development plans have been submitted. Subject to approval, both the Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket have now to find an alternative funding mechanism and we are working hard and closely with Leeds City Council to come up with a solution. I am confident we will and we hope to make a significant announcement later this month! The timescale is tight. Work would have to start at the end of the 2017 Season with completion before the 2019 Ashes Cricket Test and the Cricket World Cup.

Rhinos Veteran Fan Club Membership

The qualification is to have supported the team for 50 years or more! So back to 1967!

If you do qualify just confirm with and you will be enrolled and invited to the various social functions throughout the year! On May 11th 2017 the Rhinos Players Association are hosting a dinner to celebrate the 40th-60th Anniversary of Leeds winning the Rugby League Cup Final at Wembley! The players from the 1977 team will be invited, along with survivors from both the Leeds Barrow teams of 1957! The Leeds Captain in the day was Australian centre Keith McLellan and he will be travelling from his home in Adelaide to be with us for what will be a very special occasion.

Attendance at Away Games

We are planning a project aimed at increasing support at away games and I am keen to hear your views and suggestions as to the things you think we should focus on! Suggestions to with the subject line Project Away Travel please.

Once again, many thanks for your continued support and participation in everything Rhinos and please be assured everything is being done at the club to ensure 2017 proves to be enjoyable, rewarding and successful for everyone concerned.

Very Best Wishes,

Gary Hetherington

So what I get from this is....

McGuire/burrow/Jjb to retire end of the season
South stand to be started end of this season (a year later than planned)

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - captain tripps - 01-04-2017 09:00 PM

Well hes really confident of competing for all the trophies eh ?

Well im confident now, Im putting my shirt on it.

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - rhinos4life - 01-05-2017 12:02 AM

Would the north stand not be done now due to them cricket? Then do the south stand once it has fallen down half way through the 2018 season?

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RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - chesterhino - 01-05-2017 06:40 AM

They haven't got the funding for the north stand yet, it's hinging on selling the green belt land up at Weetwood.... can't see that being passed through

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - captain tripps - 01-05-2017 09:16 AM

Yeah i mean its not common knowledge its difficult to get appproval of green belt land for housing is it ?

I hope to fuck they are not paying for advice.

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - MOT - 01-05-2017 01:13 PM

(01-05-2017 09:16 AM)captain tripps Wrote:  Yeah i mean its not common knowledge its difficult to get appproval of green belt land for housing is it ?

I hope to fuck they are not paying for advice.

They were trying to use the ground as leverage to force it through, never going to happen and it was a gash scheme too

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - RoC of 606 - 01-05-2017 01:34 PM

That twat George Osbourne took away the protection of the green belt when he was thinking of other ways to fuck us all. The issue will be from local residents and people who actually want green spaces.

RE: Leeds Rhinos 2017 - chesterhino - 01-05-2017 02:31 PM

(01-05-2017 01:34 PM)RoC of 606 Wrote:  That twat George Osbourne took away the protection of the green belt when he was thinking of other ways to fuck us all. The issue will be from local residents and people who actually want green spaces.

yeah its had a fair few objections online, it can be seen on the website

fuck knows where they are going to get another £20m from.

apparently weve signed keiran moss from the bulls. going by bulls fans, hes their best player. a full back

Leeds Rhinos 2017 - jools - 01-05-2017 05:42 PM

He's their best player, you've never heard of,