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Wire v Rovers - Betweenthesticks - 02-12-2016 02:53 AM

Thoughts - we will have to do better than last week, albeit a win, we will have to play better.

Opinions - we will play better

Quietly confident that we will have a better season than last year, we don't want to be playing catch up as the season progresses.

RE: Wire v Rovers - chesterhino - 02-12-2016 05:29 AM

Wire win

RE: Wire v Rovers - Face Mann - 02-12-2016 09:55 AM

Wire , kr have got too many missing to win this one
They're one of the clubs that can't cope with injuries and suspensions

RE: Wire v Rovers - Cheese - 02-12-2016 12:55 PM

wire at a canter and wire played well last week. KR wont resist like leeds did.

RE: Wire v Rovers - MOT - 02-12-2016 01:20 PM

Wire defended well against us, can't see that deteriorating too much and I'd expect their attack to be more threatening.

Wire walkover

RE: Wire v Rovers - camdentiger - 02-12-2016 01:21 PM

Easy wire win for me

RE: Wire v Rovers - theonepointer - 02-13-2016 01:46 PM

Wire win

RE: Wire v Rovers - captain tripps - 02-13-2016 03:02 PM

Wire at a canter,there defence was very impressive last week to snatch the win at shedingley and I just cannot see past them this week.

RE: Wire v Rovers - Sycophant - 02-15-2016 09:43 AM

Anyone seen that Lineham try? Haha.

RE: Wire v Rovers - chesterhino - 02-15-2016 09:52 AM

yeah ha! absolute joke of a decision, the liner was looking right at it!!