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RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 06-05-2014 09:19 PM

the thing is,,, u wonder if he had actually bothered his arse he might well have been a genuine bona fide legend...rather than just a world champion. sort of a pity he didnt extend himself more often, maybe then he wouldnt have been now scrambling for a las vegas fight to put on his resume.

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 06-05-2014 09:22 PM

Here's a question then. Where do you put froch in the grand scheme of things in british boxing?

There's not many with better careers. Does he better benn and eubank?

RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 06-05-2014 09:27 PM

hes on par with them for me. but he definitely could have been and should have been head and shoulders above them.

those early fights...tedious beyond belief, he would scrape a win , then in the after fight interview, tell us all how wonderful he was etc.

the bare stats dont always tell the picture.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 06-05-2014 09:37 PM

He's had different careers from the Benn Eubank era cos there hasn't really been that sort of fights for him. He's taken everybody put in front of him tbf & beaten some very dangerous fighters. Apart from ward I reckon he's right up there in the world rankings. Benn, Eubank & calzaghe never fought the best in their primes, that said they probably didn't need to cos they had the decent domestics.

He'll never get the recognition of the others but in some ways he looked for & got the harder fights IMO. I think his early career was fairly typical tbf, think he won the British early & the commonwealth after about 10/12 fights. He's maybe now at a similar stage as when Eubank & Benn were getting beat by Collins.

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 06-06-2014 06:06 AM

In his last 6 years he has fought.....

George Groves x2.
Mikkel Kessler x2
Yousseff mack
Lucien Bute
andre ward
Glen johnson
Arthur Abraham
Jermaine Taylor
Andre Dirrel
Jean Pascal

All of them world title fights. That IS a very impressive resume indeed. Only ward is unbeaten against froch. Can't think of many who can better that. The fact he has travelled to some of these fights is another big positive for me. Andre Ward has already said he wouldn't fight him in England. Speaks volumes about Ward imo.

It even rivals calzaghe if you look at how good the fighters were at the time of the fight.

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 06-07-2014 10:28 AM

Porter vs brook. 9th August New York.

Its on!

RE: Knocking One Out - chesterhino - 06-07-2014 01:15 PM

(06-07-2014 10:28 AM)drsrhino Wrote:  Porter vs brook. 9th August New York.

Its on!

Good looking forward to that!!

@TeamSaintGG: Groves will return to the ring in September, then challenge winner of Abraham-Smith for WBO title! Who Likes The Sound Of This?!?

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 06-07-2014 03:47 PM

Sensible from groves. He needs a new trainer though.

Knocking One Out - westy_warrior - 06-07-2014 04:21 PM

As you know I'm not a fan of boxing but watched the froch groves match last week. Was good.

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RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 06-07-2014 04:22 PM