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RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 07-08-2012 02:07 PM

does that sound plausible to u??

the way he tired said more about skipping the odd run and doing less in the gym that poor nutrition.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - drsrhino - 07-08-2012 02:17 PM

Yeah it does to be fair. If you dont get your weight loss right before a fight it can be the major factor on how that fight turns out. When his corner kept saying 'just win the first 6, its all about the first 6' it was obvious they didnt fancy the latter rounds. You dont say that to a fit fighter. He is a big lad for the weight and he has struggled before, but as hearn suggested, when its happened before he is that good, it hasnt mattered but now he is at a level where he is fighting guys who wont go away and just keep coming. The camp have spoken about it as a group and measures will be taken for the next fight. They reckon he wont go for the title next but maybe squeeze another fight in first to
iron these problems out. The re match is a no go too, they say he has gone past that
guy now in the rankings and are only looking up and not down the rankings.

It was a very honest interview but im not sure he would say brooks been pissed for the last 3 months.

The other big thing mentioned was his broken nose in the seventh. It was caused by a headbutt and when they realised it was broken hearn thought that was over because he was expected to be exhausted toward the end without the breathing dificulties caused by the breakage.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 07-08-2012 02:23 PM

fair play, they do seem to be very open about things.

jones did lead with a low head a lot and it was always gonna lead to trouble.

lets hope they get the nutrition thing sorted out then cos u know how these technically gifted fellas like to scrimp on the hard

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - drsrhino - 07-08-2012 02:28 PM

Hearn said that brook has already said he needs help cutting weight in the future. One of the first things he said after the fight apparantly. This is why fighters should not be rushed. It takes alot of trial and error to get the routines just right.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 07-08-2012 06:29 PM

Its difficult to see where Brook wil fit the big picture. He couldn't finish Hatton & didnt have enough to drop Jones last night, though i'm not sure he has the skill to trouble the top level fighters? He's still WIP but its concerning that he struggled to finish fighter at this level.

Fury looks ok but will come unstuck in the move up as well imo, he ran scared from Price who was the natural fight after Chisora. It would be a good fight but i cant see it happening.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 07-08-2012 07:17 PM

he caught jones with any numbers of what looked like belters last night. dont know whether its jones takes a good one or brook is lighthanded

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - drsrhino - 07-08-2012 07:38 PM

Think you have to credit the american for toughing it out himself last night. Brook has the power to hurt anyone, dont worry about that. He isnt the biggest puncher you will ever see but he has a good % knockout which matches quite a few of the top guys. Sounds like he has learnt alot from this fight. I dont care what anyone says, the lad last night was top drawer. Yes he has lost 8 times, but over his last 8-10 fights he has progressed through to become a top.ranked fighter which is hard to do if you have lost that many. It was a big step up and brook realised that to be succesful at this level you need to get everything right, not just on the night, but the whole package. Welcome to world class kell!

Think he can win a world title and i think he may then move up a weight if he still struggles with the cut. Has to improve massively if he is to dominate the division but the lessons learnt last night will either make him or break him. Think he should have a warm up before going for a title. Might just not be ready quite yet but i cant think of many better technicians fighting out of britain at this time.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 07-08-2012 07:50 PM

agree with that drso.

thing is, the jones fella, his rise to prominence is a little mystifying. he didnt look like a guy with 8 losses on his record.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - drsrhino - 07-08-2012 08:22 PM

He made his debut in 2005 and is only 25 now so he has done it the tough way by the looks. His last loss was in 2010. Obviously he has got everything right and its clicked for him and he has fought his way through from a young age from a tough upbringing by the sounds. If brook clicks, who.knows where it could lead because the boy has serious talent imo.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 07-08-2012 08:26 PM

not the last we have heard from the jones fella either.