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RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 01-24-2016 10:01 PM

they vacate, khan gets a belt and is a slightly stronger position to negotiate,.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 01-24-2016 10:06 PM

Who with though? Manny & pbf have no interest. He doesn't want brook, Thurmon & porter are fighting each other & Garcia isn't interested. Khan needs fights but is being a bit too picky imo.

RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 01-24-2016 10:09 PM

any boxer wants to fight, on their own terms.. the stronger their own position, the more likely they are to get things their own way.

RE: Knocking One Out - chesterhino - 01-24-2016 10:14 PM

When Garcia beats Khan again..... He will be on his knees for brook at Wembley.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 01-24-2016 10:27 PM

Fighters want to fight their terms but I think khans terms are losing him any fights. He's chasing the bigger better deal but making himself completely inactive. Pbf looks well retired & still chose maidana X2 over Khan who had beat maidana. Manny has chosen a 3rd fight with Bradley instead of Khan & looks like retiring after that. At some point Khan will have to drop his expectations or price tag or he'll really struggle for fights soon.

RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 01-24-2016 10:38 PM

khan whups garcia, then fights brook.

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 01-25-2016 12:46 PM

I think if it's mandatory defence the challenger only gets 20% anyway. If it's voluntary then it can be negotiated.

So he gets less money vs Garcia than he would vs brook.

It's strange from Khan. He clearly doesn't want Brook. Thing is, he probably has a better chance vs brook.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 01-25-2016 07:28 PM

IBF & WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin has said he's "ready" for a unification fight against England's Billy Joe Saunders.
Saunders won the WBO version of the middleweight title against Andy Lee in December 2015, defeating the Irishman by majority decision.
In October 2015, Golovkin beat David Lemieux in an eighth-round stoppage to add the IBF middleweight title to his WBA belt.
The Kazakh fighter's win in New York was his 34th victory in the professional ranks, and could have a fight against WBC belt holder Saul Alvarez on the radar.
Pray for Saunders health if this is made

RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 01-25-2016 07:30 PM

that could be deadly.

RE: Knocking One Out - drsrhino - 01-31-2016 06:01 PM

Some people stag GGG off because he hasn't fought 'anyone'. Nobody will fight him.

Saunders has turned this fight down BTW. He wants a couple of defences for the ££££ first before getting paid to get laid out.

Saunders vs Eubank jr in the summer makes sense if Eubank can beat Blackwell.