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RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 10-14-2016 11:48 AM

Not sure, the thing klitcko has is a world of experience. If Joshua can't get through by the money rounds the klitcko could well get a late stop or an awful to watch Pts win.

RE: Knocking One Out - captain tripps - 10-14-2016 12:09 PM

Like cheeso said though klitchklo has been at the top too long and has lost the fire in his belly,i think aj may be too hungry for him.

RE: Knocking One Out - chesterhino - 10-14-2016 01:29 PM

Think people are writing off klistcko a little prematurely. Part of me thinks he was so poor against fury because he complebty underestimated him.

Also Joshua isn't a great mover, especially with his head.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 10-15-2016 09:49 PM

Good job by bellew there. He's barking up the wrong tree jumping out of the ring at Haye though. That said he's really doing a job of selling the fight if it happens.

RE: Knocking One Out - chesterhino - 10-15-2016 10:23 PM

Aye first thing I thought was pr show....

Haye won't go down to cruiser so it's whether bellew wants it or not, it would be a big money fight probably box office but haye would win that all day for me.

As much of a bell bellew is im glad someone told haye straight what a joke his "comeback" has been.

RE: Knocking One Out - Bullmania - 10-15-2016 10:48 PM

Only good thing with Hayes two comeback fights is been on free view. Unlucky for those that paid too see him mind.

Bellew loses no shame he went up too heavyweight gets big payday. Haye loses then it's back too fighting bouncers.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 10-15-2016 11:15 PM

Haye is looking for the biggest best payday, I think his ultimate dream would be for Joshua to win the titles & have a huge Wembley fight, even if Haye gets whooped early he'll still make a couple of mill. If the numbers are right against any of bellew, chisora 2, Briggs, or whoever else then he'll go for the biggest coin.

RE: Knocking One Out - whotobeA - 10-16-2016 02:19 PM

Britain's Anthony Joshua and Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko have agreed to fight each other, with an announcement expected in a couple of days, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

Haye v Briggs on undercard?

RE: Knocking One Out - chesterhino - 10-16-2016 02:38 PM

Hopefully not whotobea, that would be a joke of a fight!

RE: Knocking One Out - Cheese - 10-25-2016 10:50 PM

Frampton rematch with Santa Cruz...January. opportunity for Frampton to become a massive name in boxing...opening up right here.