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RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 11-26-2012 08:04 PM

Cos he's got a record of 33-1 & now a semi famous name in these shores who will attract great attention after being the man who ruined the fairytale. Chasing straps & numbers is one thing but i dare say Brook could gain more coin & recognition taking a fight like that than against a.n. other top 10. Unless he could land one of the big guns obviously whih is always tricky.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 11-27-2012 10:21 AM

i could maybe be convinced , if he had fought more outside his own country. he isnt a draw. the crowd the other night was all about hatton, it was all about the emotion. brook would have absolutely nothing to gain at all by fighting senchenko. plus, he would be very unlikely to fight in uk. unless he was offered big brass, and is he worth that?? surely better throwing the big brass at a name fighter??
i reckon senchenko will disappear back to where he came from as the folk who know boxing realise he didnt do anything special the other night and hasnt done in his career.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 11-27-2012 10:51 AM

But i'd be very suprised if any of the top 10 came to England either. With the exception of about 4/5 fighters who Brook would find very hard to get a deal with anyway the top 10 are relativley unknown amongst the casual fight fans which is where the money is. Senchenko is relativley well known amonst the casuals here now & if they could bring him back to Sheffield would pack it out. It would get alot of interest among the casuals seeing if Brook could beat the man who beat the man? I'm all for him going him to fight the best and all being well the Bradley fight will happen & we'll really see if Brook can fight but i feel Senchenko would now (while the irons hot) make a good alternative.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 11-27-2012 03:18 PM

i see where ur coming from but i reckon the casual fan will have forgotten his name by now. they were only there to see if hatton still had emotional ticket purchase if u like. it likely cost a right few quid to get senchenko over cos he is totally allergic to airports, and im guessing brook would have to chuck at least as much at him to make him return, cash which would be better spent elsewhere. in fact, better keep it in the bank and go stateside and challenge any of the top 6.

brook is ranked 3 by the ring magazine, hes mandatory challenger for devon alexanders belt and quite likely could get it on with timothy bradley in the states, why would he want to fight a guy who beat a washed up hatton?? nothing to gain at all. brook clearly has the tools , its all about whether he handles a big big fight against a top class fighter, thats about emotion and ability to control urself on the night.

his promoter should be chucking cash at alexander and bradley, and if they wont come, go there,. nothing better for a boxer than to go to a guys hometown and whup him after he refused to come to u.

malignaggi might be tempted too, hes the easiest of the current belt holders but he likely knows he would be ex champion after a fight with brook.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 11-27-2012 04:04 PM

I'd like to see Brook in with Alexander who i think he has a very good chance against. Bradley would be very tricky but i still think Bradley is living a charmed life in the number 1 spot & Brook would have a good chance. The super fights for Brook would still be Manny & PBF imo, though i really hope JMM beat manny in a couple of wks but its one step at a time for Brook.

Malinaggi would be another option but is a horrible opponent for anybody & i've never seen anybody look good against him, even Cotto who pulverised his face. Pretty sure Brook would beat him by UD though & it would be another strap.

It just seems Bradley is trying to wriggle away from the fight & already said he's not coming here, he probably sees Brook as a low pay banana skin fight & rightly so, i think the Brook camp see this & have already suggested Khan at Bramall lane which again would be a quick few quid in a packed arena though i still think marketed right senchenko would be a more straightforward payday.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 11-27-2012 04:11 PM

bradley cant back out if they say, ok, we come to u. same with alexander. if a guy is good enough it wont matter where he fights. brook should go to the states for a couple of yrs and work his way thru them until mayweather notices.

i wouldnt touch any of these so-called british super fights. nothing to gain from them in regards status or ranking.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 11-27-2012 04:43 PM

I thnk if Brook beat Alexander or Bradley then PBF would definatley notice & take the fight. Apart from the PBF-Manny farce of who is avoiding who i dont think either would be too concerned about a fight with Brook which could work in his favour. Nowt to gain from the brit fights in terms of rankings but the bank account becomes fatter a lot easier than the trips over the pond as Khan, Hatton & many others who have reached for the stars & hit the roof have found out. Brook is very good but i'm still not entirely convinced tbh, we will know alot more if & when he fights Alexander.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 11-27-2012 05:05 PM

reckon this next one will be mannys last fight, whatever happens.

a few fights stateside would give brook a healthy bank balance too, as well as a status few british fighters have had for .....ever really. looks to me he has all the tools, its now all about the attitude and application.

problem with those silly british fights is that u can see khan catching him with a lucky one, he certainly has it, and then they have to do a re-match and brook takes it, so they need a decider. meanwhile the rest of the division are getting on with the serious stuff and both brook and khan find themselves sidelined.

too many fighters stay home and collect the coin when they have genuine attempts and opportunities to make a serious mark on the sport and become legends of sorts.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - whotobeA - 11-27-2012 05:46 PM

Agree many fighters stay home when they could have great oppotunities over the pond which is what i was suggesting for Eubank & Benn who were genuinley ready for the step up & had saturated the division over here. I think Brook could do with another test or two which is what the fights with Senchenko & Khan would provide as well as decent interest & coin as a top of the bill fights. I think the also ran fights in the U.S dont generate much by way of interest or coin unless he could get on an undercard of a big fight. The Jones fight put big doubts in my mind as to Brooks level & the next step up is a big one, i hope he makes it but hope he doesnt get fast tracked when he's not quite got the big fight experience, on paper he is in the mix but who has he faced to really prepare him? Saldivia was ok but not sure he's prep enough for the big fights.. We will know soon enough where his level is.

RE: Fantastic - Peterson beats Amir Khan - Cheese - 11-27-2012 05:52 PM

i think we will see some superb fights between brook and whoever over the next few yrs. looks to me he has realised he isnt the finished article and that preparation is massively important, across all aspects.

interesting u mentioned benn and eubank. last thing khan and brook need is to re-run that situation. benn went over and had a pop, fair enough but he should based himself there for a few yrs and let eubank posture and pose in uk while taking on some big names.

khan at least had the balls to back himself, go to the states, get a base, top level trainer and try to get established. i cant knock him for that and i still feel he will have a say in where some of the belts go over next few yrs.