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Glad that’s over - jools - 09-18-2019 06:04 AM

Bloody awful season, started with 6 injuries to key players before a ball had even been passed and it went downhill from there. Taai the only player who’s been consistent all season. Our captain played 80 minutes all season.

The shining light has been the youngsters who’ve played this year, and although much to learn have shown the future could be very bright.
13 ex hudds academy players have played in the side this season (not including Wilson).
Young Louis senior got four tries on Friday- including one where he hilariously burned off Tomkins- if he played for Wigan or saints the RL papers would be full of it!!! Sky didn’t even bother to show them all in their round up Angry

I’m just praying we start 2020 with a full squad.

RE: Glad that’s over - captain tripps - 09-18-2019 04:33 PM

Us clubs who finished near tbe bottom need to book our ideas up for next season.
Its looking likely Toronto will be coming up and they will have the resources to be sure they are not the Leagues whipping boys.

RE: Glad that’s over - camdentiger - 09-19-2019 10:23 AM

If Toronto don't make it (due to not meeting the requirements) do London get a reprieve?

RE: Glad that’s over - JustTheAleTalking - 10-10-2019 08:31 PM

Some truly embarrassing performances this time,the Wigan home game late on in the campaign was the lowest point imo ,the wigoon were just absolutely takin the pish out of our team/club as the Fartowners just hung back on the d line.

Yet saying all that there have been some real positive efforts from our team/individuals that will remain in the memory.

Going into 2020,glad we have 'King' Ken on board,we have been desperate for a pack leader,he can't do it on his own though hope he might inspire the rest.

Injuries - Joe Wardle was my man of our season even though he missed half of it.

Our overseas recruitment- we have had two or three legends down the years,and yet a lot of duds.

Think Woolfie was going in the right direction at the close of the campaign giving the young forwards their opportunity, though I think Adam Walne was superb when he came back from injury,hope to see more from this lad in 2020.

Woolfie tried to get us playing some good attack structure yet at the same time our middle 'strength' just fell off a cliff,so it was all for nought,just went to survival mode.

Roll on the 2020 season.

Just bought the season card,the club are so professional imo,the town of huddersfield does not deserve them.

Sir Ken does not give up the fight season on seaon,even after all the apathy from the 'birthplace of rl'

What a legend he truly is.