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StH vs HG - JustTheAleTalking - 03-04-2020 03:55 PM

21-Man Squad

2. Jermaine McGillvary 3. Jake Wardle 4. Jordan Turner 5. Darnell McIntosh IN 6. Lee Gaskell 7. Aidan Sezer 8. James Gavet 9. Adam O'Brien 11. Kenny Edwards 12. Joe Wardle 13. Michael Lawrence 15. Oliver Wilson 16. Aaron Murphy 17. Ukuma Ta'ai 18. Paul Clough 22. Tom Holmes 23. Oliver Russell 25. Innes Senior 26. Sam Hewitt IN 27. Sam Wood 29. Jon Luke Kirby IN

OUT - Matagi,Louis S,Walne

Thought the following was a very honest summing up of last Sunday,and food for thought going into the rest of the campaign from 'Joe Buck' on the Giants official website.

More Potency in Attack

"Giants have built their start to the season on a very solid defence, laying the foundations for their attack to win games.

However, so far this season, no team in the top seven has scored less than Giants and although that isn’t a problem when their defence is on top, once that defensive stability goes, more potency in attack is required.

Giants rarely threatened the Wigan defence and other than forcing a couple of dropouts, they didn’t look like adding to Adam O’Brien’s score."

Maximising McGillvary’s Opportunities

"Huddersfield’s main threat over the last five or six years has been Jermaine McGillvary with the England international regularly getting on the Super League top-scorer’s charts.

This season however, McGillvary hasn’t scored since the opening weekend and against Wigan, he was used mostly in a role of getting the team out of their own half, rather than to threaten the try line.

It is likely that teams recognise the threat of McGillvary and are doubling up on him, however, Giants must ensure they begin to get the most out of arguably their most threatening player."

RE: StH vs HG - jools - 03-07-2020 09:13 AM

Well redvee is in complete meltdown.

Giants the first team to beat saints at home since 2018 and they REALLY don’t like it!
Brilliant response to last weeks blip.

RE: StH vs HG - billie joe - 03-07-2020 01:35 PM

Well deserved win Jools your defence was excellent.

RE: StH vs HG - jools - 03-07-2020 04:47 PM

Our defence (last week excepted) has been very solid so far this season.
Going down to 12 men last week was the issue- 24 points scored in That 10 minutes killed the game.
- if our attack starts to click we will be ok.

RE: StH vs HG - captain tripps - 03-07-2020 07:33 PM

I thought Hudds were going to struggle again, nice to see them proving i know fuck all as usual lol. Big Grin

RE: StH vs HG - jools - 03-08-2020 09:36 AM

Long way to go tripps- but the players who’ve come in Have really cemented the side- not necessarily as players- (although thats a bonus) but they have brought some freshness and fun to the group as a bunch. Kenny and gavet are both big characters who enjoy a good laugh whilst sezer has brought some calm Stability and the players are happy. We have a bunch of youngsters who had to do it tough last year who feel less pressured and more confident.
We only have to win 6 more and we are safe!