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Lets hope its a nice summer.
04-03-2020, 09:36 AM
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Lets hope its a nice summer.
Lets face it, we are kidding ourselves if we think this is all over in a few weeks.
We are going to be restricted in our movements for at least 3 months until the person to person infection rate is near zero. It took about this long in Wuhan.
The big worry is next autumn/winter when it goes through a second wave around the world, its highly unlikely there will be a vaccine by then. Mebbes they may find a drug which supresses the sympoms if we are lucky.
Lots of testing to find out whos already had it would be a big help and maybes issue a card or something to folk whos had it to allow them to move freely.
If we get to a point of near zero person to person infections in the Uk we may be able to relax restrictions but lock down local areas if there is a flare up of infections as hopefully by then we may be able to monitor areas more easily by then.
The onlty way to keep infections down after that is close borders and if you do go abroad you go in quarantine for a period when you come back.
So as i say hopefully its a nice summer as nobody will be going abroad on holiday, even if things are ok as can be here its likely other countries will be still locked down and even if you went would you want to risk being in abroad if that country suddenly locks down ?
In a twisted way Mr Corbyn may get his way with Nationalisation as i can see the government having to take over the running of airlines ,airports public transport etc...

Where is Clem Fandango ?
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